I'm Mari, creator of Brownie Mischief. As a child, I discovered that combining flour, sugar and butter, just so, is a special kind of magic. I've been mixing, rolling and sprinkling my way through life ever since! My background in fashion compliments my pastry training perfectly, inspiring me to create delicious sweets that are also beautiful to look at. My imagination is always brimming over with ideas that I'd love to share with you. I hope you'll stop by again, say hello and stay for some sweets and a little inspiration!

Brownie Mischief Story

Brownie Mischief is named after "Brownies"; the legendary little helpers that inhabit people's homes. According to folklore, they love honey cakes and bowls of cream. Leave them a treat and they'll help with the household chores. Forget to leave them a treat, and they may perform mischievous little deeds.