Fondant Rainbow Toppers

Fondant Rainbow Toppers are perfect for topping cupcakes, cakes and cookies. Use them to top an ice cream sundae or a milkshake, like the Unicorn Rainbow Milkshake.

To make Fondant Rainbow Toppers, you’ll need:

Fondant Rainbow Tutorial

Divide fondant into 6 pieces. Color each piece of fondant a different color with gel food color. Use a toothpick to apply small amounts of gel food color a little at a time until desired shade is reached. Form fondant pieces into balls, then form each ball into a log.

Clay Extruder for Rainbow Fondant Tutorial

As you work, make sure to use plastic wrap to cover the fondant you are not working with to avoid it drying out. Place one fondant log in a clay extruder fitted with an 1/8-inch circular die. Press out log into a long rope. Repeat with each color.

Fondant Rainbows Tutorial

Using a round cutter or plastic bottle cap as a guide, form pieces of the ropes of fondant into rainbows. Apply a bit of water between the ropes with a small paintbrush to adhere them together. Trim the ends with a paring knife or clay slicer. Let rainbows dry a few hours or overnight.

Makes 5 rainbows.